Hello and welcome to Perfect Beauty, a fanlisting for Nebulae listed at The Fanlistings Network in the Nature category. If you are a fan of these beautiful clouds of wonder please feel free to grab a code and join!

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Don't know what a nebula is? Nebulae are immensely big interstellar clouds of dust and gases. Often, they can be a birthing place for stars! On top of this page you can see the Horsehead Nebula, located in the constellation Orion and named after its central figure which seems to resemble a horse's head.


Perfect Beauty is run by Iris. There are currently 33 fans of nebulae with 1 fans waiting to be added with the next update. Perfect Beauty was last updated on 05th December 2021. Give a warm welcome to our newest member(s), Cerine, K, and Rosemary !